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Pack 451 Leadership

Pack 451 Committee 
Committee Chair – Jamie Hedin
Cubmaster – Steve Johnson
Assistant Cubmaster – Robert Hays
Treasurer – Amanda Currie
Secretary – Heather Jugovich
Webmaster – Cj Feierabend

Den Leaders

Webelos II – Den 4 (5th grade) – Art Alaniz
Assistant Webelos II Leader – Patty Boucher
Webelos I – Den 1 (4th grade) – Kyle Hedin
Assistant Webelos I – Patti Boucher
Bears – Den 2 (3rd grade) – Nichole Ploughe
Assistant Bear Den Leader – Ryan Ruggiero
Wolves – Den 3 (2nd grade) – Andrew Tarasar
Assistant Wolf Leader – Amanda Sharr
Tigers – Den 5 (1st Grade) –
Lion Den Leader – Jay Currie
Lion Den Leader Girls – Caitlin Ruggiero

Who’s Who?

If you aren’t used to the Scouting environment you may have troubles figuring out who is who and what they do. Not to mention how to get ahold of them if you need something between meetings. So here is a break down of our leadership.

Committee Chair
The Committee Chair is the chief organizer and proactively monitors the details of pack operations. He/she is also in charge of maintaining good relations with the chartered organization representative.

Current Committee Chair: Jamie Hedin
About Jamie: Hello! I am a stay at home mom to my two beautiful kiddos. My son, Landon, is a bear and my daughter, Cailin, is my Committee Chair sidekick. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and moved to Arizona about ten years ago to be with my now husband, Kyle. Prior to having kids, I was a mechanic in training, but gave it up to raise the kids. I love having the opportunity to be able to make a difference in this pack and give each boy the best Scouting experience possible. I am open to new ideas and am planning to work hard to make your Scout’s experience the best that it can be!

Treasurer – Amanda Currie
The Treasurer approves all budget expenditures, maintains the pack bank account, keeps accurate financial records, collects dues and reports the pack’s financial condition at committee meetings.

About Amanda: I was born in good ole’ Mesa, Arizona! I have taken on the
responsibility of being your Treasurer this year for pack 451. The Currie family is now
fully invested, my husband is now the den leader for our little Lions, we also have a
Bear this year. I love to craft, go camping, shopping, finding a good bargain, spending
time with family and friends and helping our community where we can. Looking forward
to another fun year of Scouts with our Scout family.

Secretary – Heather Jugovich 
The role of the Secretary is to work with the Committee Chair to set and distribute monthly leader meeting agenda and to record and distribute the minutes of the committee meetings.

About Heather: I was born in Lansing, Michigan. My family moved to Arizona in 1992. I lived in Washington state for two months and in New Mexico for seven months. I have never been involved with Scouts before this year. My husband is an Eagle Scout and is the Assistant Cubmaster. My son is a Webelos I this year and is entering the 4th grade. My daughter is 17 and is a senior in high school. I work as an Administrative Assistant in the Office Condo Division at a Property Management company. Besides being the Secretary for the Cub Scout pack, I also volunteer as Treasurer of the PTO for my son’s school. What’s left of my free time, that isn’t taken with family, Scouts, or the PTO is taken with my crafting and my writing. I love any kind of craft that has to do with sewing or crocheting. I write romantic suspense books posted to Wattpad.

Webmaster –  Cj Feierabend
The webmaster’s role is to build and maintain a pack website by working with the pack leadership to ensure the website meets the practical needs, as well as the pack’s communication needs.

About Cj: I’m an Arizona native and a mom to two amazing kids! I work full time in Social Media and I love reading, camping, roller skating, playing video games, and volunteering. I’m also on the Baden-Powell University committee. I’ve been working with children most of my life as a babysitter, nanny, child-care provider, and music & movement instructor. I’m a former den leader and just watched my boys cross over to Boy Scouts this last year. I am happy to hear of anything you’d like added to the website! I’ll do my best to accommodate.

Cubmaster – Steve Johnson 
The Cubmaster assists in planning of pack events, is the Master of Ceremonies for the monthly pack meetings and in charge of supporting and inspiring other adult leaders.

About Steve: My Scouting; I started in 1978 as a Wolf. We met at my house and my mom was the den leader. As a Boy Scout, I made rank of First Class before we moved to AZ in 1986. Adult Leadership; I did not pick up Scouts again until my youngest, Alex, asked to join from a flier that was on our door. I was a Scout parent for less than 15 minutes as they needed a Wolf leader. From there, I have been Cubmaster and Committee member in packs. In Boy Scouts, I have been Scoutmaster, Committee member and Advancement Chair. At the district level, I have been a Unit Commissioner, Mesa District Training Chair and on the Roundtable staff. Awards; Pack and Troop Committee Hall of Fame, District Award of Merit and a Vigil Member of the Order of the Arrow.

Assistant Cubmaster – Robert Hays

The Assistant Cubmaster is the Cubmaster’s visible companion and backup, filling in as a focal point for the pack when the Cubmaster is not available.

About Robert: I was born in Santa Carla, CA and was raised by my single mother. At the age of 12, I joined Boy Scouts. I held different positions within the troop, including Quarter Master and Senior Patrol Leader. In 1993, I achieved Eagle Scout. I then volunteered with the local Cub Scout pack and was Cubmaster for 4 years. I have helped with the round table and went to National Camp School to become an Archery Director. In 2016, my son Matthew joined the Cub Scouts as a bear. I now am a volunteer as the Assistant Cubmaster.

Den Leaders
Den Leaders are the most important volunteers. They provide an ongoing den program that keeps all boys in his/her den on track to completing all the needed requirements to receive achievements and advancements.

Current Den Leaders:

Lion: Jay Currie

About Jay: Hi, my name is Jay. I grew up in the midwest, always outside playing, camping and hunting. Both of my boys are in the pack, my oldest, Brody, is a Bear and my youngest, Hudson, is a Lion. My wife, Amanda, is our treasurer this year and I can’t wait to lead our Lions!

Lion (Girls): Caitlin Ruggiero

About Caitlin: My name is Caitlin Ruggiero. I have lived in Arizona most of my life. I homeschool my two children. We love doing art projects, participating in Scout activities and exploring outside.

Tiger: TBD

Wolf: Andrew Tarasar and Amanda Sharr

About Amanda: My name is Amanda Sharr. I am all about anything that has to do with being outside, being active, and healthy eating. My hobbies include doing makeup, riding my bike, keeping up with social media and drinking Dutch Bros. My favorite subject in school was math and my favorite color is yellow!

Bear: Nichole Ploughe & Ryan Ruggiero

About Nichole: I’m an Arizona girl born & raised, a bit of a history nerd, & lover of video games. I’m passionate about food & have my degree in wholistic nutrition & hypnotherapy. I work part time as as a personal trainer that specializes in alternative therapies; most of the time though, I’m doing my best at being a boy mom. We do online schooling & love to take our lessons out for an adventure. Sometimes that means math & science in the kitchen, history & reading at the museum, or PE at the zoo. I always wanted to get involved with Scouting as a child, but my parents weren’t up for it. I knew right from the beginning that it was something I wanted my boys to get into. My son Carlin will be a wolf this year & I’m so excited to take part as leader of Den 3.

About Ryan: My name is Ryan Ruggiero. I was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. Growing up, I spent my weekends outdoors fishing, hiking and four wheeling. As a former Cub Scout myself, I thought it would be a fun experience to share with my son. It is important to me to be involved in the activities with my son, so I chose to help with the leader requirements for the den. I look forward to getting to know your boys and you as we help and watch them grow and mature into respectful, helpful members of society.

Webelos I:  Kyle Hedin

About Kyle: Being a former Cub Scout myself, I decided to have my son, Landon, give it a try. It has turned into a full family activity, bringing us closer together. I am an Arizona native, but spent about 10 years in the Chicago area, where I met my wife, Jamie. I used to work on reality TV as a cameraman, but gave it up to be around the family more. I now install hard wood floors for a living and also enjoy doing woodworking projects on the weekends as well. I like working with kids and watching them learn new skills and work as a team. I look forward to working with you!

Webelos II: Art Alaniz & Patty Boucher
About Art: I’ve been working for Mesa Public Schools as a bus driver for 6 years. I have coached for the City of Mesa and Queen of Peace after school sports programs. I was a teacher for Religious Education at Queen of Peace and Christ the King grades 2-8. I have been a Cub Scout leader for 2 years. I have 4 kids, 5 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild.

About Patty: Hi! My name is Patty Boucher and I will be co-leading Den 1 with Mr. Art. I am originally from a tiny town in Ohio and moved to Arizona in 2006 with my husband Rich. I have two kids, Josephine and Henry, and they make sure my life has very few dull moments. I have been a production rigger for about 13 years and recently have made a career change. In the fall I will be teaching 6th grade English/Language Arts in Tempe. I enjoy being creative, playing games, and hiking. I hope this year will be the best year yet!

Volunteers: This is means you!

Volunteers are critical to keeping this pack in a functioning order. We always have open positions that need filling, so if you are willing, please let one of the leaders know. We have many behind the scenes positions as well (i.e. event planning). Many of our events require helpers, please consider signing up

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